Calls for Gwynedd Council to freeze day care services fee


A county councillor is calling upon Gwynedd Council to freeze day care services fee for current Canolfan Dydd Maesincla users.

Canolfan Dydd Maesincla, located in Caernarfon, will shut on October 27 due to the condition of the building and the service users will be offered an alternative location to receive day care.

Councillor Cemlyn Williams has asked the cabinet member with responsibility for Adults, Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Gareth Roberts, to consider freezing the fee following concerns raised by the some of the service users.

Councillor Williams, who represents Cadnant ward, Caernarfon, said:

“Following the Council's decision to close Canolfan Dydd Maesincla, it is likely that most users will accept the offer of alternative provision by Age Gwynedd in Bontnewydd.

“I understand that Age Cymru charge the Council a total of £12 per day (including transport) for each service user. As a result some of the current service users at Maesincla are worried the Council will raise the fee they are expected to pay from £ 4.25 to £ 12.25. The amount in itself is not significant but it is a high percentage when the user's income is low.

“I would like to ask Gwynedd Council to freeze the fee. I am convinced that any move from the Council would be greatly appreciated by the users and their families.”