Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Leader calls for new regional economic policy


Following Thursday’s vote (23 June 2016) for the UK to leave the European Union, Dyfed Edwards, Plaid Cymru’s Leader of Gwynedd Council, has called for a new regional economic policy to be implemented for Wales.

Commenting on the Referendum result Plaid Cymru’s Councillor Edwards said “Whilst I am particularly proud that the people of Gwynedd voted clearly for us to remain as part of the European Union, the overall UK vote means that our formal relationship with the EU will now come to an end. This will have huge implications for the future of our county and our social, economic, environmental and cultural prospects.

“As part of the area of Wales that has qualified for Objective 1 and Convergence money, European structural funds have played a major part in funding key projects in Gwynedd over the years resulting in improvements to our infrastructure and creating employment opportunities. This in a context where Gwynedd has been on the periphery of the UK and Wales in terms of socio-economic policy.

“With Gwynedd now losing millions of pounds of funding from what has been a consistent source of European money over a period, it is crucial that similar funding is forthcoming as part of a new regional economic policy that will continue to address inequalities that have been recognised by European policy for a long time.”

“As now is the time to revisit the broken ‘Barnett’ formula that has been used to calculate the distribution of UK government funds to Wales, it is also timely to ensure that Welsh Government economic policy is reviewed, in order to fill the huge void which areas such as Gwynedd now face due to the lack of European structural funds in future years.”

“Gwynedd voted positively to remain a part of a union of European countries in the recent referendum. We are rightly proud of our own local communities and wish to create a context of inclusivity and diversity where each citizen is valued and able to contribute to the future of our county.

“Following a period of such negative and often hate-filled campaigning, we shall continue to embrace hope as our guiding light.”