Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Leader calls for EU in vote


The Leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Gwynedd Council has called on people to vote in favour of keeping Wales and Britain in the European Union.

At a meeting of the Gwynedd Council today Plaid Cymru Group Leader, Cllr. Dyfed Edwards stressed that membership of the EU is vital to ensure greater investment in Gwynedd and to ensure a sustainable future for the residents of the county.

Over the years, Gwynedd has been successful in attracting European funding, and received £158 million from the European Structural Funding Fund which is part of a wider £300 million investment in the Gwynedd economy.

Gwynedd Plaid Cymru Group Leader, Dyfed Edwards said:
"Without a doubt European funds have ensured greater investment in Gwynedd and help us to ensure a sustainable future for the residents of the County through what has certainly been a challenging period for the economy.

"In Gwynedd between 2007 and 2013 alone, European funds assisted 1,475 businesses to grow and expand, helped to set up 560 new businesses and 2,320 new jobs. The funding has also helped 12,000 people in Gwynedd to gain qualifications and helped 1,800 people to return to work.

"Thanks to the financial support of Europe, Plas Heli was built, a brand new sailing academy worth £9 million. The centre already hosts international events and welcomes hundreds of sailors from around the world, bringing economic benefits and strengthening the maritime industry and the boating industry in Gwynedd. £4.4 million of funding was given towards the redevelopment of Blaenau Ffestiniog town centre and an investment of over £ 6.1 million pounds in Bangor and Caernarfon.Gwynedd’s transport network also benefited from a £20 million investment in the Pont Briwet scheme that has improved links in the Meirionnydd area of the county.

"According to the Welsh Local Government Association, Wales would be hit harder if Britain  were to leave the Union with the value of Welsh exports to the European Union amounting to 8% Wales’ economic value added, the 2nd highest in Britain. Wales is also a net gainer from European Union monies and there is no guarantee that the situation in Wales will be safeguarded if Britain left the Union. "

He added that membership of the European Union has led to positive legislation and also gives us the opportunity to co-operate more with other citizens:
"We must also remember that some European legislation on environmental issues, equalities, employment and health has had a positive impact on the quality of life of Gwynedd residents and that there are security advantages in terms of cross-border working and working internationally,” said Cllr Edwards.

"As the world gets smaller, as I see more inequality in the world and threats of hunger, global warming and war increase, I believe that we need a community of European nations to co-operate and strives together to respond to these situations . I urge everyone to vote in favor of remaining part of the European Union."