Seeking a fair budget in the face of stringent financial cuts


“Seeking a fair budget - in the face of stringent cuts imposed upon us by the Tories and funding future essential Gwynedd services, is the challenge for us,” according to Gwynedd Plaid Cymru Leader, Dyfed Edwards when looking at Gwynedd’s financial budget for the next two years.

“We hope to achieve a financial balance in the face of severe cuts by the Tory Government in Westminster and raising funds through Council Tax in order to maintain essential services. We are determined to continue to protect the residents of Gwynedd's communities despite the huge financial challenge facing us.

The latest budget suggests a deficit of £5 million in Gwynedd over the next two years. At the next Council meeting, 75 Gwynedd Councillors will need to set a budget for 2016-2017 whilst balancing the £5 million of cuts facing the county over the next two years.

“The discussion and opinion seeking process with Gwynedd residents and the county’s workforce was open and comprehensive. It has been the largest public opinion gathering exercise of its kind in the county, and has been a rigorous process which has been appreciated by Gwynedd residents, associations and organisations,” said Councillor Dyfed Edwards.

The 75 Gwynedd Councillors now have the opportunity to consider in detail all the responses received during the public consultation, Gwynedd Challenge, in the coming weeks. A report on the financial strategy which will include a final list of service cuts proposed will be discussed at the Council's Cabinet meeting this month before the 75 Gwynedd Councillors reach a final decision on 3 of March.